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Featured products

Orange Blossom Honey 1 Lb. Size

Our bees are back from pollinating the orange groves in Florida, so try some fresh Orange Blossom honey. It's pasteurized,unfiltered and delicious! 1 pound glass jar.

Oyler's Organic Apple Juice 1/2 Gallon

1/2 Gallon Size Glass non returnable bottle USDA Organic certified

Zimmermans Natural Almond Butter 16oz

16oz No Salt Added

Zimmermans Natural Peanut Butter 15oz

Zimmerman's kosher certified peanut butter made with Dry Roasted Virginia #2 peanuts contains no artificial sweeteners, no hydroxegynated oil and just a little salt. Our peanut butter has no carbs and no trans fat, it's high in protein, high in energy and tastes good. The oil separation is a natural occurrence, proving to the consumer there are no additives and stabilizers in their food.